Martinsson King Prime Conditioner 250ml

Martinsson King Prime Conditioner 250ml

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A silky, silicone-free hair conditioning rinse for softness & shine.

  • Formulated for clean, non-greasy flexibility in all hair types.

  • Keeps your hair and scalp clean and moisturized.

  • Heat style protecting & color- and keratin safe.

Prime Condition is a concentrated creme rinse containing moisturizing properties to allow the comb to glide through your wet hair and leave it tangle free. It absorbs into the hair shaft on application without using greasy ingredients to keep your hair and scalp clean and moisturized.

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For a personalized performance boost, measured amounts of Martinsson King Infusion serums (Hydrating, Smoothing or Volumizing Infusions) can also be blended into the conditioner. Instantly customize Prime Condition to the needs of your hair in the palm of your hand under the shower.